A market leader right from the beginning

COMCO IKARUS GmbH has been the largest manufacturer of aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft in Germany since the beginning of ultralight aviation.

1977 – 1979

1977 COMCO IKARUS GmbH was one of the big kite manufacturers. In the years 1977 – 1979 all German cross-country records were flown on IKARUS kites.


Until 1982, 4 different models, totalling 2000 units were delivered worldwide. From the beginning of aircraft production, the company successfully endeavoured to set standards in terms of safety. Among other things, the first dynamic test facility for kites was developed. It is still used today, practically unchanged by the various testing institutions at home and abroad.

In 1982, the first engine-powered IKARUS microlight aircraft of the SHERPA type was ready for series production, and at the same time, the IKARUS FRS FLIGHT RESCUE SYSTEM, developed in parallel, was the world’s first rocket-powered flight rescue system. This IKARUS rescue system – meanwhile copied by Americans, Czechs and Russians – is able to bring a manned UL aircraft in distress – even from low altitudes – safely to earth by parachute.

Within a very short time, the good and safe flight characteristics of the SHERPA made it Germany’s most frequently flown three-axis controlled microlight aircraft.

The lively demand for faster and more agile aircraft quickly led to the development of the FOX, the predecessor of our IKARUS C 22, which was built in large series and was offered in 3 different versions. Despite strong foreign competition, the solid IKARUS ultralight aircraft are today exported to almost all countries in Europe, as well as to the Middle East, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

The lack of airfield connections at the original location proved to be extremely disadvantageous for the development. In the search for a new location, the choice fell upon the Mengen-Hohentengen airfield.


The development work for the first production and office building began in autumn 1991.

Since 1992

After only a one-week interruption due to the move, work was able to begin in spring 1992 on an area of 640 square metres.

It is the combination of continuous development, consistent model upgrading, and worldwide known reliability, backed by 50 solid years of experience in building ultra-light aircraft, which enables us to gain a foothold in ever new markets even today.

COMCO IKARUS has played a decisive role in the evolution of today’s high-tech ultralight aircraft, from what was originally simple sports equipment.

The new IKARUS C42, an innovative, modern two-seater touring aircraft sets new standards and is a worthy successor to the successful IKARUS C 22, which was built for 10 years.

The production location Germany has been consistently maintained. Now that almost all other German competitors have outsourced their production to the Czech Republic, Poland or the Ukraine, COMCO IKARUS is practically the only remaining manufacturer producing in Germany.

For a company of our size, significant investments and the development and consistent perfection of innovative production technology, were the prerequisites for being able to hold our own against the competition from low-wage countries. COMCO IKARUS is proud to have doubled the number of employees during the last few years – contrary to the current national development – and to have created new jobs in Germany. In doing so, the company has maintained its position as market leader with a market share of about 35% in Germany, compared to 10 well-known manufacturers and about 35 suppliers.