C42 B

The allrounder

MTOW: 540 kg

Approval as: LTF-UL 2019 / BCAR S / ASTM LSA

Features of the C42 B


The C42B is equipped with significant product enhancements, detail optimizations and material improvements. The C42B is used in most flight schools as a training aircraft and with its good-natured flight characteristics it is also suitable for beginners. As a tow plane the C42B is equipped with a larger counter flow heat exchanger which provides optimal cooling conditions.

Areas of application


Used for flight schools, as a touring aircraft, as a tow plane and as a crop-spraying plane. Can be equipped with a 912iS engine as well as a 914Turbo. Optional with floats, skis or with a wing folding device.

Standard equipment for C42B


80 HP Rotax engine | rescue system | stainless steel exhaust system | hydraulic disc brakes with parking brake | comfortable and effective cabin heating | carburettor preheating | airbox with NACA inlet | covering with extra protective film against UV rays | inspection-friendly wing and cowling locks | large luggage compartment opening | cabin locks with new high-security designer door handles | adjustable air inlets in both doors | incl. basic flight instruments, engine instruments, decorative strips | digital, precisely readable tachometer with engine time recording | can also be equipped with the special version for pilots in a wheelchair.

C42 B Technical data


Motor Engine 912 UL 912 ULS
Leistung [PS] Power [hp] 80 100
Reisegeschwindigkeit [km/h] Cruising speed ** 168 178
Höchstgeschwindigkeit Vmax [km/h] max. speed ** 183 191
Überziehgeschwindigkeit Vs0 [km/h] Stall speed ** 69 69
Steiggeschwindigkeit [m/s] Rate of climb ** 4 5
Spannweite Wing span 9,45 m 9,45 m
Länge Length 6,38 m 6,38 m
Höhe Height 2,20 m 2,20 m
Flügelfläche Wing area 12,5 m² 12,5 m²
Leergewicht Empty weight * [kg] 276 280
Max. Fluggewicht Max. takeoff weight [kg] 540 540
Zuladung max. Payload max. * [kg] 264 260
Tankinhalt Liter Fuel tank volume [l] 65 65
Startrollstrecke (Gras) Take off distance (grass) 120 m
– 140 m
100 m
– 120 m
Gleitzahl Glide ratio 11 11
Datenstand 04.2019, Änderungen vorbehalten.
Data state 04.2019, technical changes reserved.
* Abhängig von der Ausstattung. * Depends on interior
** Abhängig von Ausstattung und Propeller. ** Depends on interior and propeller.