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Lightweight guaranteed:
The mixed construction of high-strength aluminium tubes and stainless steel metal fittings for structural elements as well as fibre-glass reinforced plastic, aramid or carbon for the cowling ensure an absolutely low empty weight.

Good accessibility from all sides, easy replace ability of parts without any special tools.

Be it summer or winter:
The optional cowl flap with step gridding and a warning lamp facilitate temperature adjustment in any weather situation.

Cosily warm:
Even with frost or extreme cold, the adjustable cabin heating ensures comfortable warmth and sufficient ventilation.

Electrically or manually:
Landing flap adjustment can be optionally selected

Streamlined and comfortable:
the optimised design of the engine cowling as well as the form-closed inclination of the windscreen are aerodynamic highlights, which were combined with one of the widest cabins in this class (1.2m) for maximum comfort and sportiness while flying.

Particularly well suited for flying clubs and flying schools:
Low operating costs, high maintenance-friendliness, fast repairs in case of damage, outstanding value retention and cost-effective upkeep make for a very low per-hour cost of flying.

Even more speed:
If required, aerodynamically shaped fairings for wheels, nose wheel support and shock absorbers provide additional speed.

If required, with winglets:
Additional elegance as well as flight stability for low-speed flights or for banner towing or glider tugging.

Outstanding world-wide presence:
With more than 25 trading partners in Germany an representatives in more than 35 other countries, we are a real high-performance service partner for our customers.


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