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C42 - the bestseller, meanwhile more than 1450
units delivered worldwide - the bestselling ultra-
light aircraft in Germany

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Maximum fun of flying at a reasonable ratio
between price and performance.

An innovative, modern two-seater micro-light aircraft sets
the standards. The classic advantages of the ultralight
and the standard aircraft categories are combined to
produce a fascinating, technically matured machine.

The IKARUS C 42 is very popular due to its excellent
flight characteristics.

Technical Data

Aeroplane performances
80 HP 100 HP
Cruising speed (IAS) 175 km/h 185 km/h
Max. airspeed Vmax (IAS) 190 km/h 198 km/h
Stallspeed 65 km/h 65 km/h
Rate of climb (472,5 kg) 5,0 m/s 6,0 m/s
Wing span 8,71 m
Lenght 6,38 m
Height 2,20 m
Wing area 11,90 m²
Empty weight inkl. Recovery System
C42 C Club 283,5 kg 287,5 kg
C42 C Competition 278,0 kg 282,0 kg
C42 C Champion 273,0 kg 277,0 kg
C42 C Club 189,0 kg 185,0 kg
C42 C Competition 194,5 kg 190,5 kg
C42 C Champion 199,5 kg 195,5 kg
Max. take off weight 472,5 kg
Consumption/Cruising range
Fuel tank volume 65 Liter
Average consumption of fuel L/hr 10 - 13 10 - 14
Range 65 Liters tank ca. 780 km
Lenght of takeoff run (grass) 90 - 100 m 75 - 85 m
Glide ratio 11

*MTOW and payload may be different according to
national law.
State: April 2016 - technical changes reserved.
Technical Informations are partially approximate values.


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