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Market leader 2014

Market leader 2014

We have been selected as number one by a wide margin. Once again, the COMCO IKARUS GmbH is uncontested market leader in 2014.

We would like to thank all of our customers, distributors, friends, suppliers, partners and C42 pilots for their cooperation and confidence!

Thanks to their cooperation and confidence we were able to successfully maintain our market position: As in past years, the COMCO IKARUS GmbH is undisputed market leader among manufacturers of 3-axis micro light airplanes in Germany.

At the same time, this confidence is an incentive to develop attractive new models of our C42-family that will convince by an excellent price performance, by quality as well as by an outstanding service always with the aim of making this airplane to the most sold micro light in Germany.

Put he fun back into flying!

Your Comco Ikarus Team

Follow the link to read an article (Aerokurier) about the actual registration figures of 2014.

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