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Since the beginnings of micro-light flying

COMCO IKARUS GmbH has been the largest manufacturer of aerodynamically controlled micro-light aircraft in Germany.

1977 to 1979
1977 COMCO IKARUS GmbH had become one of the largest producers of hang gliders. From 1977 to 1979, all German cross-country records were set by IKARUS hang gliders.

Up until 1982, 4 different types were developed and a total of 2000 sold world-wide. From the start of its aircraft production activities, the company attempted to and succeeded in setting new safety standards. This included the development of the first dynamic test rig for hang gliders, which is used today at home and abroad by various testing institutions.

In 1982, SHERPA, the first motorised IKARUS micro-light aircraft was ready for serial production. At the same time, the IKARUS-FRS- Flight rescue system, the first rocket-powered flight rescue system in the world, which had been developed simultaneously, was also ready for use. The IKARUS rescue system - since copied by the Americans, Czechs and Russians - is able to convey on a parachute a micro-light aircraft and its occupants safely to the ground after a mid-air emergency even at low altitudes.

The good and safe flight characteristics of the SHERPA quickly made it the most flown three-axis controlled micro-light aircraft in Germany.

The increasing demand for faster and more manoeuvrable aircraft quickly led to the development of the FOX, the real predecessor of our still very popular IKARUS C 22, which is available in one of three versions. Despite strong foreign competition, the solidly built IKARUS micro-light aircraft are exported to virtually every country in Europe as well as to the Middle East, South America and Asia.

The fact that the company was originally not located at an airfield proved disadvantageous for its further development. The decision was thus taken to look for an adequate airfield and the Mengen-Hohentengen airfield was ultimately chosen.

Construction work on the first production and office block began in autumn 1991 and by spring 1992, after just a week's interruption due to the move, production began in the 640 sq.m. hall.

Continuous development, consistent improvement, a world-wide reputation for reliability and 45 years experience in the production of micro-light aircraft allow us to expand into new markets.

COMCO IKARUS has decisively contributed to and shaped the development of originally simple sport equipment into modern high-tech micro-light aircraft.

The new IKARUS C 42, an innovative, modern, two-seater micro-light aircraft, sets new standards and is a worthy successor to the IKARUS C 22 which has been successfully produced for 10 years.

We have remained loyal to our German production roots and after virtually all our German rivals have moved production to the Czech Republic, Poland or the Ukraine, COMCO IKARUS is almost the only manufacturer still in Germany.

For a company of our size, extensive investment and the development and rigorous perfection of innovative production techniques were essential in order to compete against cheap-labour countries. At COMCO IKARUS we are proud of the fact that in the past year and against the present trend, we have doubled our work force, created new jobs in Germany and have been able to successfully consolidate our position as market leader with roughly a 35% share of the German market despite competition from 10 well-known manufacturers and about 35 dealers / representatives.

The modern high-tech micro-light aircraft on the market today are safe, low-noise, high-performance, economic and environmentally friendly aircraft. They offer an excellent low-cost alternative to standard aircraft and helicopters. Changes to some regulations which are only valid in Germany could bring an upturn to the relatively young but dynamic micro-light manufacturing sector and thus help to create more stable jobs for the future.

Products C42 B
C42 - the bestseller, meanwhile more than 1200 airplanes delivered worldwide -the bestselling ultralight aircraft in Germany

Maximum fun of flying at a reasonable ratio between price and performance.

An innovative, modern two-seater micro-light aircraft sets the standards. The classic advantages of the ultralight and the standard aircraft categories are combined to produce a fascinating, technically matured machine. The IKARUS C 42 is very popular due to its excellent flight characteristics.




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