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C42 - the bestseller, meanwhile more than 1450
units delivered worldwide - the bestselling ultra-
light aircraft in Germany

Maximum fun of flying at a reasonable ratio
between price and performance.

An innovative, modern two-seater micro-light aircraft sets
the standards. The classic advantages of the ultralight
and the standard aircraft categories are combined to
produce a fascinating, technically matured machine.

The IKARUS C 42 is very popular due to its excellent
flight characteristics.

Technical Data

Aeroplane performances
80 HP 100 HP
Cruising speed (IAS) 187 km/h 197 km/h
Max. airspeed Vmax (IAS) 202 km/h 210 km/h
Stallspeed 65 km/h 65 km/h
Rate of climb (472,5 kg) 5,0 m/s 6,0 m/s
Wing span 8,71 m
Lenght 6,38 m
Height 2,20 m
Wing area 11,90 m²
Empty weight inkl. Recovery System
C42 CS Competition 280,5 kg 284,5 kg
C42 CS Champion 275,5 kg 279,5 kg
C42 CS Competition 192,0 kg 190,5 kg
C42 CS Champion 197,0 kg 195,5 kg
Max. take off weight 472,5 kg
Consumption/Cruising range
Fuel tank volume 65 Liter
Average consumption of fuel L/hr 10 - 13 10 - 14
Range 65 Liters tank ca. 800 km
Lenght of takeoff run (grass) 90 - 100 m 75 - 85 m
Glide ratio 11

*MTOW and payload may be different according to
national law.
State: April 2016 - technical changes reserved.
Technical Informations are partially approximate values.


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